I have been off the open mic reading circuit for a while, committing all my energy to specific large projects. The past year I spent boodles of time sorting through photographs with the idea of perhaps putting together a book or two. I have just about completed a manuscript Flowers in A Garden in A Town that Time Forgot. It is reminiscent of books published around the turn of the last century, except I have had the advantage of color digital photographs. In it I have curated an anthology of photographs of flowers and associated poetry and other writings. The photographs are my own, taken in my gardens planted over the last almost half century. The poems, poem fragments, and text come from the literature, some contemporary, some ancient. I envision a large format book of about 450 pages where half the book is dedicated to photographs and the other half to text. Why so big, you rightly ask. One of the lessons, I hope, of the book is that an ordinary person in an ordinary place can create something extraordinary. I intend this book to be a celebration of both beauty and what can be accomplished by a dedication to gardening. 





We had a blast reading at artstream in our most recent ekphrastic endeavor. John Michael Albert, Mark DeCarteret, S Stephanie and I read. I am the shrimp in back. Thanks to Susan Schwake for the picture.   










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