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The Other Side of Sorrow

Poets Speak Out about Conflict, War and Peace.

Editor, Patricia Frisella. $16. 

This anthology features more than 250 poems that consider war and peace both now and throughout our history.



Liberation Poetry - An Anthology

Editors, Totongi & Jill Netchinsky, $18.


Contributors to the anthology include Ali Al-Sabbagh, Soul Brown, Richard Cambridge, Martin Espada, Patricia Frisella, Regie O'Hare Gibson, Gary Hicks, Tony Medina, Aldo Tambellini, Askia Toure and many other outspoken activist poets.






The Mythology of Rochester

This is the exhibition catalgue for the 2012 artesprit public art exhibition pairing literary and visual art installations which were on display throughout the city of Rochester over the summer. $20


The 2008 Poets Guide to New Hampshire

 Editor, John-Michael Albert. $20


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